Kübelwagen Ambulance

I built this Kübelwagen Ambulance to place it in the diorama with the Opel Maultier Ambulance.

That’s a conversion kit by Dragon, that I used to convert a Kübel by Dragon as well. The model has been updated with Eduard PE.

The figure is made with parts of different origins, above all Tamiya. The head is a resin piece. I don’t remember the manufacturer.

The blanket on the wounded soldier is made with Milliput White, as well as the sheet on the rear seat.

I made the clasps for the belts of the canvas (which is missing in this Kübelwagen Ambulance) with thin copper wire.

Here are pics of the model:




The red crosses and the white circles are handpainted with the help of  stencils made on purpose.




Not the best photo, yet a useful one to see what a realistic result you can get with a thin foil of Milliput.



A closer pic of the soldier. The blanket is painted with acrylic colors and pigment of soft pastels for artists.

The mud splashes are made by “scraping” an old brush, soaked with pigment thinned with acrylic matt varnish.



The base color is Dark Yellow, softly mottled with Olive Green (both of them were Tamiya acrylic colors). I used the airbrush for these “main” colors, then brushes and sponges to reproduce the weathering.

(As usually in this period, I just used acrylic colors and pigments of soft pastels for artists, since I want to improve my skill in managing these materials.).



It was a straightforward and funny job to build this nice little model.

The soft pastels for artists are for sure a versatile material. You can blend them together and get practically every color you need; you can thin them easily, for example  with acrylic transparent varnishes; you can get different consistence and texture, to reproduce either dust or mud.

Yes, I like them.


See you with the next post.

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Written by Luca Cingolani

Luca Cingolani

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