Opel Maultier Ambulance (En)

Jérôme Hadacek wrote an article (Steel Masters 43 – 2001) about a 1/48 German WWII ambulance, on a Maultier chassis, with the cab of a Ford 3000.

I was interested in this conversion and, since I had in my shelf the Opel Maultier Italeri, I had the idea to scratchbuild in 1/35 scale the ambulance room, on the chassis of the Maultier (with the Opel Blitz cab, of course).

I built this model in a pre-Internet era (at least for me), therefore the article of Steel Masters was my only reference (however, it’s pretty exhaustive). That means that my model doesn’t entirely stick to reality. For example, the ambulance room is much too tall.

However, it was pretty funny to scratchbuild such an unusual model, and to paint it without using just the “ordinary” Panzergrau and Panzergelb.

I hope that the purists of the historic faithfulness can tolerate the inaccuracies of this model..

Today Dragon provides the kit of this ambulance in its usual high standard.

When I built my Maultier ambulance I didn’t have yet the habit to take pictures of the “work in progress”, therefore you will find in this post only photos of the finished model. However, something can be seen of the interior, too, where the surgeon and the nurse take care of a wounded soldier.

I went back to this model since, once again, I wanted to…update its look, in accordance to the today’s weathering concept. In my opinion it’s a bit exaggerated, yet for sure it’s effective.



Two photos of the model in its diorama.


I used a Photo editing app to process the pics of the Opel Maultier Ambulance. Having used my smartphone they are not so nice. But…it was fun.


I weathered both the white color of the ambulance room and the Panzergelb of the cab with pigments and acrylic colors, by means of brushes and sponge, depending on the result I was looking for.


The interior looks a bit cleaner. However, I reproduced “chipping” and rust effects on the inner face of the doors, too. To get the profiling of the rivets (and of every raised surface) you have to wet the surface to work on, then to put a little amount of pigment (thinned with water and matt acrylic varnish), by means of a 00 brush. The pigment flows around the part by capillarity and every excess can be easily removed.


I used the sponge to reproduce the traces of the Panzergrau. An undue contrast can be faded with very thinned yellowish pigment washes. These washes can be worked before they get dry tapping the edges with a hard brush. Everything enriches the chromatic effect.

The deflectors, the holder on the roof of the cab, and other small details of the cab itself are scratchbuilt.


The stairs to the ambulance room is a scratchbuilt part, too, and it actually works. The wooden steps are painted with acrylic colors, and the mud on them is reproduced with a Tamiya stick (Mud weathering stick).


The interior of the ambulance room is as detailed as possible, in accordance to the article on Steel Masters and simple …plausibility.

The surgeon, the nurse, and the wounded soldier are Dragon figures.

Obviously, I couldn’t weather the interior, yet to me it seems logical that a surgery room should be as clean as possible. Maybe the floor looks a bit too clean, even though there are some bloody gauzes.


Another pic of the interior, with the reclining table and the box with the wooden back and seat. A cabinet for the medicines is in the background…but you can’t see it in these pics.

See you with the next post.

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2 thoughts on “Opel Maultier Ambulance (En)

  1. David

    Mr. Admin, I would just like to say thank you for sure a brilliant scratchbuild it gives me plenty of ideas for mine, I just hope it comes half as good as yours.

    1. Luca CingolaniLuca Cingolani

      Thanks David. Sure your build will look great.
      Have a FB page (Military Models Network) where you mates can post photos of your models. When you’d like it, feel free to share pics?

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